During the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, Young Socialists members put together a document, A Socialist Charter for Young People. At the time, we wrote the following:

“The future faced by young people in the crisis-ridden world means a fightback is necessary. Mass youth unemployment is widely predicted. The collapse in university funding further threatens our right to education. Our ability to move out of home and the hope of a decent life, not weighed down by debt and low pay, were already severely limited.

The corona crisis has further exposed that the capitalist system and its parties of the rich cannot be trusted to give us a future. They tell us a job, a home, an education and access to health and other services are unaffordable. But while young people are struggling, the shareholders in Britain’s top 100 companies have doubled their annual take to £110 billion over the last decade! The top 1,000 wealthiest people in the UK have a combined wealth of £743 billion!

Young people have no choice but to get organised and fight for a future. Before the covid pandemic hit, the world was being shaken by mass movements – from Chile to Lebanon to Hong Kong – with courageous young people playing a big role. Now the covid crisis and the economic crisis it has opened up have intensified the inequality that triggered those movements. Already some of those movements are re-emerging – and they will spread and grow. The fight for a future is the fight for socialism.

The Young Socialists have produced the following charter for discussion and debate. If you agree, join us in the fight for a future we can look forward to not fear – and that means fighting for a socialist alternative.”

Two years on, we think the ideas raised in our youth charter remain more relevant than ever for young people fighting for a decent, socialist future, as millions in the UK now struggle to live amidst an historic cost-of-living crisis.

The charter is divided into the following 7 parts – click on them to read what we have to say.

You can also read and download the whole youth charter as a PDF here