Education means being squeezed through a series of exam factories, with university either too expensive or leaving you with a lifetime of debt. We need a completely different kind of education model – one that offers everyone the chance to develop themselves. We fight for:

  • Free education! Scrap university tuition fees, write off all student debt, and replace student loans with genuine living grants for all students in higher education and further education.
  • For publicly funded education! No cuts to jobs or services on campus or in schools and colleges. The Higher Education funding crisis must not be paid for by staff and students. Take the wealth off the 1% to fully publicly fund education.
  • Kick big business out of education! Reverse all outsourcing and marketisation of Higher Education. Take Higher Education fully into public ownership and run it democratically, including by campus staff and students. Bring schools under the democratic control of local authorities, with oversight from trade unions, pupils and parents.
  • A say in what we learn. Open the national curriculum to the democratic collective oversight of teachers, pupils and parents.
  • For a fully funded, democratically run education system which gives young people genuine opportunities to fulfil themselves in academic study and / or vocational study, linked to access for all to a well-paid and decent job or training.