As individuals we can’t take on the bosses, the government and the system. Our strength comes from when we struggle together. We say:

  • Join a union! The best defence for workers is acting together. When collectively organised, workers can take strike action to shut down the workplaces – and with big enough numbers society as a whole – in order to fight back against the bosses and their political representatives. Get active in your union and fight for it to take the action necessary to defend workers’ jobs and health and safety.
  • Students organise! For the right of every school and college student to form and join a democratically organised students’ union. Defend the right of students to protest.
  • Build fighting students’ unions on the university campuses. For a fighting national students’ union to link the struggles of secondary school, FE and HE students across the country in a national fightback against austerity in education and for a future for young people.
  • Young workers organise! For the establishment of a democratic and fighting youth section in every trade union. For youth representatives on shop stewards committees, and youth committees in Trades Councils locally. For the right of all apprentices and trainee workers to participate in union activities.