Moving into your own home is a basic part of making your own life – but capitalism is not even able to offer that to many of us. Mental health services are barely existent after decades of cuts and privatisation. For working-class women, BAME, LGBT+ people, these cuts hit harder. We need services for all. If you’re young and working class, where do you go when you’re not in school or at work? We fight for:

  • Homes for all! For councils to use their existing powers to introduce rent control with democratic oversight by the local community and trade unions. For a mass programme of council house regeneration and construction with trade union oversight of workplace safety and conditions. Take over the empty homes. No evictions.
  • For access to free quality public services. For massive investment in all of our public services so everyone can access the support and help they need, from the NHS, to mental health, to domestic violence refuges, etc. End and reverse all privatisation and cuts.
  • For somewhere decent to go, and support. Open new leisure centres, libraries, youth clubs, sports facilities, and careers services for college leavers, free at the point of use and fully publicly funded.
  • Councils to refuse to make cuts. Councils should refuse to pass on Tory government cuts and build movements to demand that the funds are released by central government to provide the services we need.