Capitalism has utterly failed to keep society safe during the coronavirus pandemic, and now threatens to plunge millions more into deeper poverty and unemployment as big business bosses and the Tories try to make us pay for the crisis of their system. The coronavirus has graphically demonstrated the burning need for a democratic plan of society’s resources and the economy. We fight for:

  • The building of a mass democratic workers’ party, to draw together workers, young people, socialists, trade unionists and community activists to provide a fighting political alternative to the big business parties.
  • A democratic socialist plan of production and distribution to meet the needs of the overwhelming majority in society and to provide a future for young workers. Nationalise the top 125 monopolies, banks and finance houses in Britain under democratic workers’ control and management so we can make the decisions about what is needed. Compensation to be paid only on the basis of proven need.
  • Socialist internationalism and working class solidarity. For socialist cooperation and planning of the world’s resources, not capitalist competition and chaos.