Young Socialists press release 04/08/20

On school exam results day in Scotland – youth organisation announces protests for Thursday 13 August.

Next Thursday, 13 August, Young Socialists is organising a series of protests and actions around the country when thousands of students will be finding out their A Level results.

Theo Sharieff, a Young Socialists national organiser, said: “Today in Scotland thousands of working class young people have discovered that they’ve been marked down from their estimated grades. Twice the rate of the poorest 20% of students have been marked down from a pass to a fail compared to students from the richest backgrounds. *

What we’ve seen in Scotland today is working class young people being made to pay a Covid penalty on their futures. This year’s A Level results day in England and Wales falls in the middle of a monumental crisis facing young people. Mass youth unemployment, a collapse in apprenticeships and placements, and the funding crisis engulfing the university campuses are all a huge threat to young people’s futures unless a serious fightback is mounted.

We will be protesting next Thursday to demand that young people aren’t made to pay the penalty for the Covid crisis with our jobs, education and futures.

The SNP government, already under pressure because of the attainment gap, allowed Scottish Qualifications Authority to estimate grades partly based on previous attainment results of poorer schools in working class areas.”

For further comment from Theo contact the Young Socialists either by email, at or by ringing 07747 174 833.

Young Socialists involves young people who have been protesting with Black Lives Matter, defending the policies promised by Jeremy Corbyn against the Tories and Labour’s right wing – and are gearing up now to fight for our futures – real jobs, education and training.


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