The Young Socialists received the below email from an A-Level student on results day. He has given us permission to publish his letter here.


I am an 18 year old student who has had their future undermined and made a political point out of. I am disgusted at how our government attacks the state school and supports the private. I know you may not use it, but I wrote this and wanted, needed, to show it to someone.

Usually in life when things don’t go how we want them, it is our fault. On the thirteenth of August I found that things hadn’t gone to plan, disastrous is the word – it is hard for a straight A* student to swallow having been accepted by no university. Do I blame myself? Obviously I do, but am I right to? No. Quite simply in a word, I can express exactly all I need to, exactly what hundreds of thousands of students feel – we say that we pride ourselves in Britain that we live in a meritocracy, that if you work hard enough it will pay off and life will be grand. It seems this is only true for as long as the government does not interfere in your life, for the A level results were nobody’s fault but the government. The same holds for great results, they were not achieved by hard work but rather by statistical luck, nobody in the entirety of the United Kingdom had truly achieved, or failed, at anything on that day. Today is the day I see that we are not students to them, we are not even people, rather we are an aggregate of information, nothing more. If it is politically expedient to disrupt an entire year of students, making those students from poorer backgrounds feel a fool to have even attempted to dream that they may achieve those results they had worked years for. If we are to live in a meritocracy, then we ought to stop in our tracks, because what is happening is not just, is not fair, is not rewarding those who dare to dream, but rather breaking their backs, rather destroying their hopes, it is a system that remorselessly tramples and crushes the aspirations of hundreds of thousands of young people.

Many thanks,

Iain Lynn

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