RMT national rail strike picket at Kings Cross Station

Against the rising tide of bills and inflation, workers are fighting back in a strike wave that has now engulfed the entire country.

Railway workers in the RMT union have ramped up the fight-back against the attacks on living standards by the bosses. In its first round of national strike action, the RMT brought the country to a standstill and showed who really runs society: the working class, not the CEOs and bosses who are making millions.

Workers in other unions are now looking to follow suit. Royal mail and BT workers, teachers, health workers and many others are looking towards national strike action as the means to win pay and conditions that can counteract this catastrophic cost-of-living crisis. Just imagine the power these strikes would have if the unions began to coordinate their ballots and all went on strike together.

The strength of the RMT strikes has been reflected in the attacks coming from the Tories, who plan to reinforce anti-trade union legislation by allowing employers to hire agency staff to temporarily replace striking workers. Meanwhile, the right-wing media represents the interests of the capitalist class, who want to minimise strikes – and the concessions to the working class won through them – in order to protect their profits.

Yet despite the media and political onslaught, surveys show that a clear majority of the public have supported RMT strike action. For young people, the soaring cost of living has left us with little hope for a comfortable life now, let alone in the future. No wonder 70% of 18 to 34 year-olds support these strikes! And in the first week of RMT strike action, google searches for ‘join a union’ almost tripled, while traffic to the TUC ‘Join a Union’ website went up by 7 times.

Young Socialists stands in full solidarity with the current strike wave. By going on strike and withdrawing their labour, workers can hit the bosses where it hurts most – in their profits – and pile huge pressure on this weak and divided Tory government to end a cost of living crisis that afflicts all of us.

But where has Keir Starmer’s Labour Party been? Earlier this year, Labour shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves refused five times to say whether she would support strikes on pay. Fellow frontbencher Wes Streeting apologised for appearing to back RMT strike action, while Keir Starmer later told all his frontbenchers not to attend RMT picket lines. And just yesterday, shadow foreign secretary David Lammy proclaimed on live TV: “a serious party of Government does not join picket lines.”

We need a new workers’ party that stands up for working class and young people. This would give us a political voice that could support workers’ struggles, and bring together everyone striking and fighting back against capitalist crisis.

If you are interested in discussing the growing strike wave, or want to visit your local picket lines with other young socialists, get in touch. Let’s discuss together how young people can organise to fight back against the cost of living crisis, and for a socialist transformation of society!

Click here to print off the new Young Socialists leaflet with this text on the summer strike wave, or alternatively to order leaflets via post.

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